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Consulting Focus

I assist organizations transition to Agile development styles. Based on my work with over 50 organizations of various sizes and across industry sectors, I have consistently observed that:

  1.  Organizations that seek professional guidance, have more success than those that try to make the transition alone and,

  3.  Organizations that invest in training, mentoring, and coaching, have more success than those that only invest in training.

With this knowledge, I tailor my consulting practice to include the following offerings:

– Agile Readiness Assessment

To identify the areas of greatest opportunity and tailor the training to bridge those gaps

– Agile Workshops and Seminars

To train larger audiences in a common set of values, principles, and specific practices

– Agile Mentoring

To collaborate with learning Agilists and help them learn while doing

– Agile Coaching

To provide guidance and direction by addressing the perils and pitfalls that new agile adopters encounter

– Facilitated Visioning/Chartering/Planning

To model effective techniques and practices by working with teams on actual projects or programs.



I routinely offer these workshops and happily tailor them to meet the needs of your organization, or customize a workshop on a topic that better fits your organization’s needs.

– Agile Project Management

– Agile Business Intelligence

– Agile Testing and Automation

– Agile Modeling

– Agile Estimating and Planning

– Innovation Games



Agile engineers and project managers often benefit from mentoring in these areas:

– Test driven development and story/test driven development

– Architectural design patterns

– Backlog grooming and management

– Modeling and design

– Estimating

– Build Automation and Continuous Integration


Coaching and Training Discussion

I fear that, “agile as the latest magic bullet” has crossed the chasm, but that “agile as a different way of behaving” has not."
- Ken Collier
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