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Agile Data Warehousing: Incorporating Agile Principles PDF
  (By Dr. Ken Collier and Jim Highsmith, December 2004)

Available for purchase through the Cutter Consortium Bookstore:

The Message Driven Warehouse: A New Architectural Model for BI Systems 
  (by Dr. Ken Collier and Dan O’Leary,  January 2009)

Agile BI: Raising Your Business Intelligence Baby to Adulthood
   (Webinar featuring Dr. Ken Collier, December 2006)

Do You Run from or to Embedded Business Intelligence?
  (by Luke Hohmann and Ken Collier, December 2006)

Putting the Intelligence Back into Business Intelligence 
(Guest Editor: Ken Collier, August 2006)

Exposing and Overcoming the Dirty Secrets of Agile Development
(by Ken Collier and Luke Hohmann, November 2005)

The Business Value of Customer Data
  (by Gabriele Piccoli, Editor, and Ken Collier, October 2005)

– Finding the Value in Metadata Management 
(by Ken Collier, January 2004)

Outsourcing Your Business Intelligence: Maximize Impact and Minimize Investment 
(by Ken Collier, August 2003)


Business Intelligence Gets Agile – Q&A with Ken Collier of Cutter Consortium
  (David Wallace, Spotfire Blogging Team, October 30, 2009)


I fear that, “agile as the latest magic bullet” has crossed the chasm, but that “agile as a different way of behaving” has not."
- Ken Collier
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