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Ken Collier

Ken is the Director of Agile Analytics at ThoughtWorks, a global company wholly devoted to the art and science of software development. ThoughtWorks is one of early pioneers of Agile software development techniques, and is home to several of the founding fathers of the Agile movement including Martin Fowler, Jim Highsmith, and others. Under Ken’s leadership ThoughtWorks is committed to building deep expertise in Agile Analytics, especially focused on advanced analytics using a polyglot blend of relational and nonrelational (aka NoSQL) persistence. Agility is a key differentiator in how ThoughtWorks delivers analytics solutions – we take a business-value driven approach and deliver analytical results every few days.

Prior to joining ThoughtWorks Ken was an Agile trainer, coach, and mentor who worked with many organizations across a multitude of industry sectors. Ken is a former member of the Cutter Consortium where he was the Data Insight and Social BI Practice Director. Ken began pioneering Agile Business Intelligence in 2004 and has continued to advance these principles and practices on real projects in a variety of domains. Ken is well versed in a variety of Agile flavors including XP, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, and others; yet he remains agnostic believing that each situation requires a tailored blend of effective practices from more than one method. Ken provides guidance in agile technical, project management, and management leadership practices. He incorporates the Agile Project Management concepts developed by Jim Highsmith and the Innovation Games™ developed by Luke Hohmann into many of his client engagements.

Ken holds an Ph.D. in Computer Science Engineering from Arizona State University where he studied software engineering, database theory, and artificial intelligence/machine learning. He has over 25 years of experience. Nearly half of those years as an associate professor of computer science engineering has honed Ken’s teaching and presentation skills; while the remaining years in the private sector as a developer, chief architect, project manager and team leader has honed his skills as a practitioner.

I fear that, “agile as the latest magic bullet” has crossed the chasm, but that “agile as a different way of behaving” has not."
- Ken Collier
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